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Take a look at what our students are making

Our students are constantly engaged to create work that reflects their environment and their life. Whether it’s a presentation sharing with other students about their country and its culture or a cookbook with healthy recipes from around the world, students generate intentional reflections through their work at EDC.


School to Home Connection:
Eating Healthy Foods

Teaching kids to eat well can be tricky. You don’t want to give them more facts than they can grasp or turn every meal into a lecture. But wait too long and they could pick up unhealthy habits in the meantime.

Engineering TinkerCad

When our students needed to design enrichment activities for zoo animals, think tire sculptures for elephants and music boxes for horses, they needed to verify the quality, safety and strength of the design before we started to build them. After all, we were going to use it with elephants!

Teaching Kids to Eat Sustainably

We can lecture kids on the importance of eating healthy for our bodies and to protect the planet, however; if we teach them in a fun, hands on way, why sustainable food practices are important, we will be supplying them with the information and will to make healthy choices their whole life. 


Building Community in Online Classes

One of the highlights of my professional career thus far was studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, not once, but twice. Interestingly, out of all of the data informed strategies that were shared from the “rainmakers” in education as a friend called them, one of the most impactful was, “Celebrate the Work”.

Collaboration in Unprecedented Times

At one point, in the first few months of the pandemic, 91% of the world’s school age population was at home and not in our classrooms. The times that we are living are unprecedented in education. We have different struggles and yet it is the same struggle. Some of us are struggling with the decision with whether or not to make students wear a mask, or to go to school or stay online.