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Meet our experts

Eva Schuster

Fertilizer made from Sheep´s Wool

Eva is the founder of Plan Lana  that makes organic fertilizer out of sheep wool is sheared from the sheep and sanitized to provide a natural and slow release fertilizer for gardens, indoor plants and organic farms

Ximena Yáñez Soto

Author and Heath Coach

Ximena helps people adopt and maintain better lifestyle choices to improve their health & wellbeing and take care of the planet

Mr. Trash Wheel

Chelsea Anspach, Public Relations

Mr. Trash Wheel is a semi-autonomous trash interceptor that is placed at the end of a river or stream. It is sustainably powered and built to withstand the biggest storms and uses a unique blend of solar and hydro power to pull hundreds of tons of trash out of the water each year .

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Trashy Bags Africa

Poppy Dent, Director of Marketing

Trashy Bags Africa is a social enterprise making upcycled eco-friendly bags from discarded drinking water sachets that litter the streets of Accra, Ghana’s capital city in West Africa. 

They have collected and recycled over 30 million plastic sachets since we started in 2007

Soi Dog Foundation

Every day, the Soi Dog Foundation, in Phuket, Thailand is called upon to rescue animals from abandonment, sickness, or injury 

Catalina Londoño researched migratory birds on their way from Canada to Colombia deep in the Amazon jungle. She generously shares her expertise on how global warming is affecting the health of migratory birds and their paths.