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Collaboration in Unprecedented Times


At one point, in the first few months of the pandemic, 91% of the world’s school age population was at home and not in our classrooms. The times that we are living are unprecedented in education. 

We have different struggles and yet it is the same struggle. Some of us are struggling with the decision with whether or not to make students wear a mask, or to go to school or stay online. Others of us are creating our plans and designing materials to once again send out by whatsapp to the parent group as our students do the work and send it to us as a foto. Others of us may just be concentrating on getting our students without phone or online connection back to school to start teaching again some day soon. 

Whatever, the specific situation may be, we have all learned, sometimes by trial and error, what has worked to push our students’ learning forward and what makes them feel emotionally safe and connected. 

Researchers comment that the pandemic has uncovered all the inequalities in education and made them more grave. And, yet, here we are. Let’s get together, with other teachers from all over the world to share experiences and best practices related to what we are doing everyday to care for our students and ourselves in these trying times.

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