About us

We believe ...

Education can change the world for the better.

All students have the right to the highest quality education.

So we …

Bring students together from around the world to share and build interdisciplinary knowledge and with the help of field experts innovate solutions to global problems.

And students learn to…

Be sensitive and analyze the world around them.

Collaborate cross-culturally with other students.

Work toward the greater good.

Share ideas and receive feedback from field experts.

Innovate solutions to problems.

Manage goal-oriented projects.

Design and build their inventions.

Communicate the value of their invention and lobby for its use.

Reflect on their own learning process.

Current Projects

How can we improve the quality of life for animals?
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How can we feed the world and meet carbon emission goals?
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Let’s make and distribute music that reflects our lives today?
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Let’s make an environmentally and socially sustainable fashion line.
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How can we help NASA keep Earth safe from Asteroids?
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Precision medicine takes a person’s lifestyle, environment and genes into account to treat disease.
How can we use it to help our communities?
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If we understand the economy we can manage our finances and ensure our prosperity.
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Meet our Team

Courtney Nicolaides

Courtney was born in Los Angeles, California but knew from early on that her life would develop elsewhere. She has had the honor of working in large scale public and private education initiatives in the USA, across Latin America, as well as, Central Europe and West Africa. She believes in the transformative power of education. She believes that all students on Earth have the right to the highest quality education and to reach their unique potential. It brings her great joy to work with and learn from students, teachers and experts from around the world trying to make the world a healthier, happier, more prosperous place for all beings.


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